Celebrate This Winter in Comfort

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Celebrate This Winter in Comfort

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Gateway Heating & Cooling is a family owned and operated business founded on the basic principles of honesty, integrity, and excellence. It has always been our goal to offer our customers exceptional services at the best possible price, and we will not settle for less than total customer satisfaction. We operate out of Mount Sterling, in Montgomery County, Kentucky.

At Gateway Heating & Cooling, we pride ourselves in being able to take great care of your heat pump, air conditioner, furnace, or any other type of system you may have in order to keep you comfortable. Whether you are looking for heating repair, air conditioner repair, new installation, or seasonal maintenance, we have you covered.

Keep Your HVAC In Top Shape

HVAC equipment.

#1: NOW

  • Buy a high-efficiency pleated air filter.
  • Keep AC and heat units free of leaves, pollen, and grass.
  • Clear two feet of space around outdoor AC and heat units.


  • Inspect refrigerant lines each month.
  • Replace your air filter at least every 90 days.
  • Summer: turn off water to the furnace humidifier.
  • Fall: replace the humidifier filter and turn on water.


  • Replace your carbon monoxide detector battery.
  • Ensure outdoor AC unit is on firm and level ground.
  • Clear AC condensate drain with a bleach/water mixture.

What Our Customers Are Saying About Us

Heat Pump Maintenance in Mt Sterling, KY 40353

“Just recently our heat pump needed a UV bulb replacement. John Winters was the technician that performed the replacement. He. Kept me informed of his arrival time, very much appreciated. While here he displayed a very professional appearance, positive attitude, and a good business work ethic. John seemed to be genuinely concerned about my system he was working on and was more than willing to address any and all concerns I brought up during his time here. I was very pleased with his knowleadge of my system and his openly friendliness. As a company employee, I’m sure he is a valued asset. I give him a 5 star thumbs-up.

Thank you for being such a good company.
Robert Atwood (850) 217-9244.”
- Robert A.

Air Conditioner Maintenance in Mt Sterling, KY 40353

“John has always been very responsive to my concerns and goes the extra mile to ensure customer service.”

- Cheryl R.

Air Conditioner Repair in Other, KY 40475

“These guys are great! We had another company come out to service our air conditioner four times and they could not figure out the problem. John came out once and figured it out. I would recommend this company always.”

- Christine A.

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